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Paolo Scoppola: AIDS, beyond the disease.


In the rooms of patients as in the waiting rooms there is, in the experience of the disease, a mixture of pain and dignity.

Sometimes the pain is like an anger, as if being deprived of life, in the exuberant equatorial world, represents an injustice rather than a disgrace. At times it is the resignation that invades the minds ...

Outside the hospitals, however, the strength and liveliness of the people mixes with the incredible shapes of nature and it's this particularly happyness that strikes the observer ... when Cameroonians are able to keep far their problems and express their incredible and instinctive vitality.

AIDS, oltre la malattia.

Nelle stanze dei ricoverati come nelle sale d'aspetto si avverte, nel vissuto della malattia, un misto di dolore e dignità. A volte il dolore somiglia alla rabbia, come se l'essere privati della vita, nell'esuberanza dell'ambiente equatoriale, rappresenti un'ingiustizia piuttosto che una disgrazia. A volte invece è la rassegnazione che invade gli animi...

Fuori dagli ospedali, invece, la forza e la vivacità della gente si confonde con le incredibili forme della natura ed è proprio questa particolare allegria che colpisce l'osservatore... quando i camerunesi riescono ad allontanare i loro problemi e ad esprimere la loro incredibile ed istintiva vitalità.

Paolo Scoppola

Paolo Scoppola is a multimedia artist. He started as self-taught musician and while studying computer science at the University, he broadened his interests to photography. After graduation, he worked for ten years as a 3D software engineer, realizing other projects as a composer and photographer. He travelled in India, Africa and South America, making several reportage about marginalized population. At present, he makes interactive video installations, by using natural interfaces.

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