Communication of the job-center workers and job seekers

The project offers a better chance to find a job of the mentally disadvantaged persons.  The impact of this project is an increasing competence of the job-center workers by widening of the knowledge of mental issues. There are good methods in Europe and with the help of this project the good methods can be disseminated more effectively. The result of this project can be the basis of a new project targeted a development of job innovation for mentally disadvantaged people.


The project offers an opportunity to learn about the symptoms of depression, treatment possibilities and about the efficient ways of communication. The planned activities are motivating, rewarding, and will be particularly beneficial for our targets and give us a useful chance to develop our work with this group of learners that means personal and professional development for the staff and learners involved.


Impact on the institutions:

- improving organizational skills and multicultural activities

- developing new teaching and learning innovative methods

- networking, creating local groups, local survey and analysis

- planning and presenting new project ideas


Impact on the staff/trainers:

- to have opportunity to cooperate with experts from other countries

- to have an opportunity to share their ideas and experience

- chance to learn new methods and skills


Impact on the learners:

- increase of motivation

- learning new vocational skills

- chance to travel abroad