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How to handle emotions in 10 minutes by Carl-Aage Eliasson

3 minute interview about how we look at the world, feelings and other people

How to handle emotions in 10 minutes by Carl-Aage Eliasson (2)

7 minute interview about dealing with anger and why we have high or low energy

Learning to Be Happy: kick-off meeting

This is a video from the first meeting in Denmark.


Emotional contagion

Emotional contagion is a well-known psychological phenomenon which basically means that we are affected by the emotions of people around us.This also goes in the workplace and it means that every one of us makes a difference for the people around us every single day.

Danish concept 'Arbejdsglaede'

little video of the Danish concept 'Arbejdsglaede' gives via symbols a operational idea of beeing happy and work.

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The Science of Happiness - Art Therapy

Does making art make you happier? This week on Science of Happiness, Julian investigates positive art therapy with a special guest.

Face Exercise 3 for Perfect Smile Face

This simple practice which will help you to improve the blood circulation in the face. Helps to keep the facial muscle young and fresh.

Laughter yoga class

Maria Federici

Laughter yoga exercises: part 1

Maria Federici