Newsletter #1 Meeting in Denmark

The HAPPY kick-off meeting in Denmark has taken place in Faaborg Museum from 11th to 14th November 2013.

The fact that all participants have prepared introductions of our institutions, made brainstorming on the 7 modules of courses, which will take place during the lifetime of our HAPPY project and everybody has confirmed possible objectives and calendars of events and activities has made it possible for Faaborg Museum and HF & VUC Fyn Glamsbjerg to start the workshops on happiness already at the kick- off meeting.


Newsletter #5 Meeting in Finland

Sastamala Community College SCC had the pleasure to host the 5th and final meeting of the Happy project on June 16th -17th, 2015. A total of 31 participants from all but one partner country took part in this meeting along with the college staff and some adult learners who had participated in the project work and activities during the past two years.


Newsletter #3 Meeting in Spain

The 3rd meeting of our Grundtvig LLL-project “Learning to be Happy”

was hosted by the European Learning Centre, Ubrique, Spain,

from 15th – 18th October 2014.


Newsletter #2 Meeting in Turkey

It was nice to welcome our guests with a beautiful weather in Burdur on 27th of April, 2014.


As, the Turkish partner was in charge of explaining the sleeping disorders and the ways to cope with it, the first day of the transnational meeting started with the presentation of Asst. Professor Mrs. Zeynep KARATAŞ who became a specialist having worked over sleeping disorders for many years. Mrs. KARATAŞ did her best to integrate her presentation into the initials of projects’ outcomes. Her lecture was attended by foreign participants as well as local participants. 


Newsletter #4 Meeting in Sweden

The Meeting in Södertälje was hosted by Aktiva Södertälje

Our organization works mostly with people from other cultures by helping them to learn how to do to feel better. In june 2013, we started an international project called ”Learning to be happy” which is a project in Europe (Grundtvig-programme). It is a cooperation between 9 organizations from 9 European countries: Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium, and Turkey. The main purpose was how to learn from each other by sharing and cooperate during mobilities in 5 of the 9 countries.

Participating Organizations besides the hostunion Aktiva Södertälje was: Volkshochschule Lingen, Germany, EUROPEAN LEARNING CENTRE, Spain, Sastamalan Opisto, Finland , Frauenberufszentrum, Austria , LA COUPOLE, Belgium, ARCHIVIO DELLA MEMORIA, Rome, Italy, Faaborg Museum for Fynsk Malerkunst, Denmark.